There are many ways to go about ordering a CarCature of your ride. The best way is to meet up at a car show. But for us Colorado gear heads we don't have year round car shows. So the next best thing to do is call me OR email me. Then we will make a time to meet up so I can take all the reference pictures I need. This is YOUR car! So every little detail you have on your car I make sure it's in the final print!
Driving costs may apply.
The other way is to email me pictures of your car. The bigger the files the better! that way I can zoom in and see the detail I need. I perfer to see the car myself so I can "feel" the cars personality. And see the cars true dimensions.

The other thing that makes my CarCatures so unique is you have full say in what the picture intails. If you want your car burning out, power sliding, drifting, being chased by police (additional cars extra) WHATEVER! The location the car is in is all up to you too! This is a 100% original drawing for you!

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Danny Wise